Balla Dora | Null Style

Self published art book. 
Null_Style is the form of the eternal cycle, closed in the form of the book. 
Null_Style is a 360-degree book, endless variations for 365 days. 
This book is  based on the One Style a Day/Balla Dora project, which was realised between 2006 and 2007.
Null is the starting point and the end point
Null is the void and Null is the whole
Null is the impossible and the possible
Null is detached and boundless
Null is truly playful and dynamic
Null is the shaper of the nonexistent and the absolute
Null is universal, eternal and limitless
Null is flexible and transcending
Null is the form of the eternal cycle
Null Style | 360-degree book for 365 days
Null Style  | endless variations and potential for every day
© 2018, Balla Dora
isbn: 978-615-00-1085-4 
Editon of 100 silver | 100 dark silver | 100 metal black (numbered and signed)
Concept & design: Balla Dora
Publisher: FRU design, Budapest, 2018
Print: EPC press, Budaörs
Text font: decima mono pro
Paper: Munken Pure Rough, 150 gr
Distributor: ISBN Books+Gallery